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Complex issues require a customized approach: 

One size does not fit all.  Therefore, I start by actively listening to understand the key challenges you face. Together, we agree on the objective(s) and customize the right approach to problem solving and solution generation. From this point forward and until you reach your objective(s), I remain your "partner-in-action". 

While each client and approach will differ, my premise remains the same with every assignment: to empower people through insight and change to maximize potential and create meaningful and measurable transformation within themselves and their organizations.

Through executive advisory services, coaching or facilitation, or a combination of all three, Epic Engagement empowers, challenges and guides clients to ultimate, long-lasting success.

Executive Advisory Services:

Sometimes having someone in the room with you who has been there and done that is the best way to solve the big problems. Being able to confidentially discuss the options, risks, rewards, opportunities and possibilities, and consider alternate perspectives before making critical decisions makes a world of difference in the quality of your decisions and related outcomes. 

Throughout my career, I have been a confidential "sounding board" to leaders as they contemplated strategic decisions and issues within their businesses. Having worked in operations, as a corporate executive, and with Boards of Directors, my experience ranges from strategy development to strategy execution, measurement, and reporting.

As your Executive Advisor, I will help you with your organizational or individual leadership needs through understanding your individual issues, perspectives, challenges and desired outcomes.  In partnership, we will determine the right solutions for you, as a leader, in the following areas:

  • Decision-making around business strategies and initiatives

  • Organizational design to support strategy

  • Leading change in your organization

  • Strategic thinking development for you, your team and your successors

  • Leadership transition planning

  • Your role in achieving future organizational goals

  • Identifying and developing your next generation of leaders

  • Building strong, effective relationships with your Board of Directors

  • Personal leadership challenges and opportunities

Executive Advisory
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Lisa allowed us to see the future more clearly and the parts that we all needed to play in making that future happen

-Nia Herlihy, CPO @ Pink Triangle Press

Executive Coaching:

Executive coaching enhances the ability for CEO's and leaders alike, to communicate effectively, to innovate, to reward, as well as to care about and develop people. Most importantly, executive coaching empowers leaders to become more authentic, making it easier for them to inspire, motivate and influence those around them.

I am a firm believer that people have the capacity to change their behavior, to increase their awareness of what is holding them back and to modify their behavior to more fully match their intentions.  In short, my role as your coach is to share insights you may not have considered and to help you translate these insights into action. 

I will help you build on your strengths and talents, understand what is hindering your success, improve your self-confidence, increase your gravitas, and in partnership, bring about sustained behavioral change that will transform the quality of your professional and personal life.

Once we establish your coaching objectives, we will meet regularly in a fashion that suits you to discuss issues and challenges, brainstorm solutions and actions, measure progress, celebrate wins, and ultimately get you to the outcome you desire!

Team Facilitation:

The definition of facilitate is "to make easy" or "ease a process". An effective facilitator is one who is objective and neutral, plans effectively, guides and directs a group event to ensure that the group's objectives are effectively met, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone involved.

If a strategic planning or team meeting is important enough for your people to devote their time to, you deserve an objective and neutral facilitator to ensure your meeting flows smoothly, everyone participates, and difficult decisions are made within a given time frame.


Creating an environment where people collaborate, maximize productive discussion and debate, and achieve synergy is a key skill I've held throughout my career. My process offers you structure, an impartial vested interest and expert feedback, and ensures all participants are able to interact constructively, working to a common outcome.

Working with your team, I assist with defining vision, strategy, execution plans, and most importantly, areas of accountability and measurement. My direct, experienced approach gets the job done effectively and efficiently so you achieve the results you seek and your business succeeds.  

Want more details? 

Team Facilitation
Executive Coaching

The key is not spending time, IT IS investing it




Throughout my career, I've enjoyed the opportunity to present to CEOs and CHROs around the world - sharing my knowledge and passion for the power of effective people and people practices in business.

Topics I cover include:

Organization Design - Creating the workforce for your future

People as Profit - Shifting HR from cost to profit centre 

Effective Thinking - Self awareness and effective leadership techniques

Contact me for rates and availability.


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