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Mission Statement

Epic Engagement is committed to providing clients with high quality, confidential advisory services, coaching, and facilitation to support their transformation and to improve their lives. In particular, Epic Engagement will:

  • Develop a positive, holistic, and meaningful process, tailor-made to support the needs of each client

  • Establish a fully-interactive, candid, and confidential relationship with each client

  • Establish a partnership which challenges clients to recognize and build on their strengths, explore current reality, problem-solve issues, and generate solutions

  • Be an instrument to help clients develop a fresh perspective on each situation, to explore a range of options, and to take immediate action toward meaningful change and transformation

Epic Engagement is about empowering people to achieve their full potential and accomplish extraordinary results in all aspects of their lives

About Me

My passion lies in empowering people to realize their full potential. Full Stop!

For over 25 years, I've worked as an executive in C-Suite roles for large, complex, global organizations in both mining and technology. I am a seasoned senior executive with a work history that illustrates strong strategic leadership skills, a solid background in human resources, and a focus on delivering high levels of leadership, employee engagement, performance, and results for both large and small corporations.  At my core, I am passionate about empowering people to reach their potential!

Effectively leading teams and inspiring personal growth and development are key to continued business success. Over the years I have used my experience, approach, and results-based mindset to counsel and empower many leaders to find their leadership strength and to match their behaviour with their intent to achieve the results they seek.

​Having served the Chairs of the Human Resources & Compensation Committees for three large publicly traded companies, I understand well the importance of strong working relationships with the Board of Directors. My ability to develop trusting relationships, articulate the ROI for talent investment, and deliver results have proven very effective throughout my corporate career.


"AT my core, I am passionate about empowering people to reach their potential"

Lisa zangari, CEO - Epic engagement

I truly believe that all leaders want to improve their effectiveness. And, I believe people have the capacity to change their behaviour. However, what is most often missing is a confidante, a trusted partner who is present, willing, and fully capable to support this transformation.  

Epic Engagement is about providing a confidential, experienced space to problem solve, explore ideas, and develop actions that empower strong leaders to realize their full potential and ultimately achieve their goals.

Through executive advisory services, one-on-one executive coaching and team facilitation, I bring an empowering style, experience and a results-driven mindset to our partnership. 


I look forward to working with you and your team.

Business Team


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