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Working in big, complex global organizations can be challenging at times. The world we live in is in constant and rapid change and with this change, comes challenge and opportunity.

Leadership has never been more important as organizations navigate through the constancy of change to achieve their business outcomes. When leaders decisively navigate change—rather than simply react to it—their organizations tend to evolve healthily and thrive at every level.  

Epic Engagement offers executive advisory services, one-on-one executive coaching and team facilitation and is your partner of choice as you lead your organization through change and become more effective in your leadership role.

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Epic Engagement

Empowering you to achieve your full potential
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The biggest thing we’ve gained from working with Lisa is clarity on what we should be doing as an organization to move forward more successfully into the future 

-Nia Herlihy, CPO @ Pink Triangle Press


Strong leaders want to improve their effectiveness, yet what is most often missing is a confidante, a trusted partner who is present, willing and fully capable to support this transformation.  


Epic Engagement is about providing a confidential, experienced space to problem solve, explore ideas, and develop actions that empower leaders to realize their full potential and ultimately achieve their goals.

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